Facilitation and Training

Facilitation and Training

How is TNC being Called to Respond in the “New Normal?”

Facilitation and Training, Program & Systems Design, Research & Evaluation


Today marks the beginning of TNC’s 10th anniversary year.   This is the first of a series of posts reflecting on our practice and our mission.  

At TNC, we choose partners carefully.  Whether you are a grantmaker, a frontline service provider, a local government department, a national network or a capacity builder, we work with you because you are on the front lines of our collective efforts to create a better world.  You amaze us, you teach us, and you impress us.    Read More

Training Videos on Outcome Measurement

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TNC_Website_facilitationTaylor Newberry Consulting frequently works with small non profit organizations to develop simple, practical evaluation strategies that help them to learn and grow.  While  introductory evaluation workshops are helpful, we have found that people often need individualized coaching and support when the sit down to apply evaluation principles to their own programs.   Over the years, through our coaching work, we’ve developed a good sense of some of the key points at which people often get stuck. Read More