Collective Impact

Collective Impact

Addressing Risk through System Collaboration: Evaluating CONNECTIVITY Waterloo Region

Anti-Poverty Strategies, Collective Impact, Mental Health & Addictions, Research & Evaluation

Weekly meeting of the Connectivity Cambridge Situation Table (2015).


Connectivity is the name of the Waterloo Region “Situation Tables”, which bring police, health and social service agencies together at a weekly meeting to collaboratively and proactively address situations of acutely elevated risk in the community. Read More

Why Evaluators and Networkers Need Each Other

Capacity Building, Collective Impact, Research & Evaluation


Reflections from the Ontario Nonprofit Network Annual Conference


Patways from Evidence to ActionOur byline at TNC is “evidence, insight, action,” and this website includes a number of stories that show how evaluation can really equip organizations to act in new and powerful ways. However, evaluation does not always or automatically lead to action. It is nothing more than a set of strategies, and any set of strategies can be misunderstood or misused. Sometimes, in fact, evaluation can actually have the opposite of the intended effect. The process can lead to frustration, mistrust, and stagnation.

So, what makes the difference? Read More

Explaining Collective Impact

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Imagine you go to visit a town full of thriving, interesting shops and busy parks.  You wander past a bustling new elementary school.  Eventually, your walk brings you to the edge of town, where you notice  something incongruous – a huge, straight, ugly wall.  It is a very tall wall, and it stretches as far as you can see in either direction.  It isn’t easy to determine the materials used to make the wall, but it is dirty and grey, completely shear, and very strong.  There are no doors in the wall, and no obvious ways to climb it.   Read More