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Imagine you go to visit a town full of thriving, interesting shops and busy parks.  You wander past a bustling new elementary school.  Eventually, your walk brings you to the edge of town, where you notice  something incongruous – a huge, straight, ugly wall.  It is a very tall wall, and it stretches as far as you can see in either direction.  It isn’t easy to determine the materials used to make the wall, but it is dirty and grey, completely shear, and very strong.  There are no doors in the wall, and no obvious ways to climb it.   Read More

Training Videos on Outcome Measurement

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TNC_Website_facilitationTaylor Newberry Consulting frequently works with small non profit organizations to develop simple, practical evaluation strategies that help them to learn and grow.  While  introductory evaluation workshops are helpful, we have found that people often need individualized coaching and support when the sit down to apply evaluation principles to their own programs.   Over the years, through our coaching work, we’ve developed a good sense of some of the key points at which people often get stuck. Read More