What We Do

What We Do

Community Wellbeing

At a personal level and at a community level, we are often guilty of using a narrow set of criteria to judge whether things are going well. This is a problem because when we define success in narrow terms, we also tend to have fewer ideas about how to make things better.  At  TNC, we help organizations take a fresh look at wellbeing. This enables them to find new ways of working that can generate great ideas about where to go next with program design, marketing, or evaluation work.

 Some of this work focuses on individual wellbeing, or closely related concepts like resilience or asset-building.  If you were to evaluate a youth drop-in centre in traditional terms, you might ask whether it had helped youth to avoid addictions, crime, or self-harm.  However, a focus on wellbeing leads to different kinds of evaluation questions, and may help to highlight the power of a simple program like this one.  By building social connections, fostering strong relationships with positive adults, or promoting a sense of belonging, a drop-in centre can equip youth with the assets they need to handle the stresses of life.

TNC also works on projects that focus on community well-being.  In this work, concepts like civic engagement and healthy lifestyles are being considered alongside more traditional economic indicators of community health.   

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