Eve Staszczyszyn

I am a passionate learner, ocean wave appreciator, jamming violinist, free thinker, risk-taker, embracing yogi, mental health advocate, aspiring social entrepreneur, and presence enthusiast. I am currently studying International Development and Globalization with a Minor in Management at the University of Ottawa. I have worked in business development at Greenspace in Toronto and Neeuro in Singapore, both tech startups focusing on innovating our approach to mental health services. I am involved in youth mental health initiatives on campus and in the community and I am passionate about the research I get to contribute to at TNC. Mental health affects us all, both directly and indirectly. Having the opportunity to take part in the creation of sound tools and evaluation frameworks to understand and improve family and youth engagement with mental health services has been a learning experience and honour. I enjoy the collaboration, challenges, and ideas that rise when working with the TNC team on this project and I look forward to what we further create!