Amy is an advocate for social change with 8 years of experience both on the front lines of a non-profit organization and behind the scenes as a researcher and program evaluator. She is passionate about work that breaks down barriers to equality, that addresses the nuances of diversity in program participants and service recipients, and that strives to improve the quality of life of all individuals.
Amy received her PhD in Applied Social Psychology with a focus on reducing prejudice and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ population.  Although her specialization is in prejudice and discrimination work, her interests also include: youth well-being and mental health, women’s health and well-being, local food systems, and environmental sustainability. Her education equipped her with skills in research methods and data analysis that she uses to help non-profit organizations design, develop, and evaluate programs for social good. She is particularly well versed in data collection and analysis using both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and finds great satisfaction in providing organizations with statistical evidence that their hard work is having the intended effect on a population in need.
Amy is also passionate about teaching and mentoring, and enjoys coaching members of non-profit organizations in data collection and analysis, with a goal to improve the understanding of and appreciation for evaluation.
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