Kimberley is a Research Consultant at Taylor Newberry Consulting. She is passionate about conducting research related to diversity and inclusion, youth empowerment, and mental health support. Within TNC, Kimberley particularly enjoys applying her knowledge and expertise to help clients who improve the quality of life for the communities that they serve. Having worked with various government, private and non-profit organizations for over 5 years, Kimberley is skilled at working collaboratively to conduct quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method evaluations. She has presented her research findings to specialists and the general public alike. Kimberley completed her Master’s degree in Applied Social Psychology at the University of Guelph, where she focused on Canadian perceptions of immigrants and diversity. She also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia. Kimberley is also dedicated to teaching and mentorship and is always willing to share her knowledge about cross-cultural communication, apps/websites for teaching and presenting and increasing youth engagement through gamification.

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