Nicola Gailits is a Senior Research Consultant at Taylor Newberry Consulting, with 7 years of experience in community-based research in the areas of mental health, women’s health, LGBTQ2S+ health, and immigrant health. She completed her PhD in 2022 in Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto. She has significant experience using innovative methods for qualitative research and evaluation that prioritize participatory approaches, awareness of power dynamics, and co-creation of knowledge. She utilizes approaches that balance a need for technical and practical information alongside attention to intersectional identities and sources of oppression. She is passionate about community building of all kinds, alongside mental health, homelessness prevention, and ecological health. 

She completed her PhD in the area of immigrant women’s mental health, while working on a mixed method evaluation of a program for trans women in Toronto. She has been working at TNC since January 2022 in the areas of financial literacy, virtual volunteerism, and youth and parent programming. She speaks 3 languages fluently (English, French, and Spanish), and brings a deep curiosity and respect to people’s lives and stories. 

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