Leen is a Practicum Placement Student at Taylor Newberry Consulting. She is passionate about enhancing research practices to acquire more credible and authentic data, and works toward making the research world, and those who benefit from it, more inclusive. Leen’s education is heavily focused on research methods and statistics, equipping her with the skill to carry out complex quantitative and qualitative research. Her work has been peer reviewed and presented in the academic community.

Leen is currently a PhD candidate in Social and Political Psychology at Ryerson University, Toronto, where she studies the psychological motivators (and the barriers) that incentivize individuals to engage in extreme and violent behaviour, both in support of and to challenge the status quo. She is expected to complete her doctoral degree in 2022. Previously, Leen completed a Master’s degree in Psychological Science at Ryerson University, Toronto, in 2018, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, in 2014.

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