Our staff are the heart of what we do: Get to know Amy

At Taylor Newberry Consulting we are grateful to be able to connect to incredibly talented, passionate and dedicated individuals. We are especially fortunate that some of these individuals have chosen to call themselves “TNCers”. We are continually inspired by members of our staff who share laughs, values, and learnings. Periodically, our website will feature a different member of our staff who will share a little bit about their work and a glimpse into their life. 

This month Andrew sat down with Amy to get an update or her work and her interests. Amy first worked at TNC between 2013 and 2015 as a student intern & part-time researcher. After a break to complete her Ph.D. and start her family, she returned as a full-time TNC staff member in 2019. Amy was promoted to Senior Research Consultant in 2022. We are thrilled to have her on the team. 

Andrew: What’s your favourite thing about working at TNC?

Amy: I can’t pick just one favourite thing. The people I work with (coworkers and clients) are amazing. That may sound cliche, but it is my authentic experience. I love that we can shift gears in discussions from deep research and evaluation concepts to funny and personal chatter without missing a beat. I think one of our strengths as an organization is our friendly relationships with each other. I’ve developed friendships with my coworkers, and also with clients! Another favourite thing about working at TNC is the diversity of projects I get to work on. No two days look the same and I’m always kept on my toes. I get to use every one of my skills developed in my formal education, and there’s always a need to keep developing new skills.  

Andrew: could you tell me a little bit about one or two projects that you’re currently working on and maybe something that you’ve learned from them?

I have had a couple of project experiences lately where relationships between stakeholders are complex, sensitive, or strained. These kinds of projects require an immense amount of contextual knowledge and people skills. I tend to be a very open person who doesn’t keep secrets well, and I like to use humour to diffuse awkward situations. These are not personality traits I should bring to these projects! I’m learning to navigate organizational climates and to think ahead 10 steps to be acutely aware of how our data or reports will be interpreted and used in these complex situations.  

Andrew: what’s been one of your favourite memories from the time that you’ve been here.

Sending a good friend and colleague off on maternity leave with a hilarious “What Would Sara Do” game at a staff meeting. I miss working with her already, but it is so exciting to welcome more babies to the TNC team. Also, as TNC’s co-owners always say, maternity leaves strengthen our organization by creating  opportunities for new and existing team members and by forcing us to organize ourselves and evaluate our current capacity. 

Andrew: What’s something (outside of work) that made you smile this week?

Amy: My kids. They’re at really cute ages: 6 and almost 2. For the record, yes they’ve made me smile, but also and to an equal extent, frown (and laugh and cry and be overwhelmed with love and with exhaustion). 

Andrew: Finish this sentence when I’m not working at TNC, I’m most likely…

Amy:  Growing food. I’m obsessed with all things gardening and at-home food production. Decentralize the food system!  

Andrew: Thanks Amy!

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