Jason Newberry is a co-founder and principal consultant at Taylor Newberry Consulting.  After receiving his Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology from the University of Guelph, Jason pursued his interests in community based research, program evaluation, and community interventions.  Jason became passionate about several areas of work, particularly mental health and addictions, disability rights and supports, and general issues of social justice and social equality. For over 20 years, he has worked on over 150 different projects ranging from small local program evaluations to large and complex systems evaluations, and many things in between.  Jason remains heavily involved in mental health and disability rights but has expanded his work into early childhood development, youth engagement, housing and homelessness, food security, cultural diversity, and many other areas. In the past decade, his work has focused on systems analysis and design and helping organizational partnerships, government, and communities identify ways in which to arrange and deliver more integrated, coordinated, and responsive services and supports. Jason believes that the terms “research and evaluation” have evolved in community spaces and dialogue to refer to a much deeper and more meaningful process of community engagement, knowledge sharing, and systemic change. 
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