Jen Dalton

Jen is a community researcher with Taylor Newberry Consulting. She works alongside the Local Community Food Center in Stratford collecting evaluation data for the Market Greens program. The Market Greens Program provides access to fresh fruits and vegetables through the community access market at the Local Community Food Center, to eligible families with young children.  Jen works with families in the Stratford area and connects with them regularly to talk about their health, consumption of fruits and vegetables, and experiences at the community access market. 
 Jen has been involved with many organizations throughout the Stratford area and finds it most rewarding to be able to work with people in the community. Over the past year working with TNC Jen has established connections with over 100 families in the community, while also learning how a sense of community and access to fresh produce  affects the health of young families.
Jen is a second year Office Administration Executive student at Fanshawe College.

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