Katelyn is a Research and Evaluation Consultant at Taylor Newberry Consulting and a PhD Candidate in sociology at Western University. Over the course of her academic career, Katelyn has specialized in research on labour market inequality, transitions from school to work, and problems within higher education. She has studied these issues among women, immigrants, and LGBT individuals. As a researcher with a diverse methodological background, Katelyn has performed research using a wide range of research methods, including interviews, surveys, experimental designs, and content analysis. She is also enthusiastic about mixed methods and innovative research techniques.

Before joining TNC, Katelyn worked as an independent consultant in public affairs, where she worked on projects related to diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace, occupational impacts on mental health, and evaluation of governmental programs at both a national and local level. During this experience, Katelyn also gained expertise in designing accessible and inclusive deliverables for different audiences. Katelyn’s research and consulting experience have given her a unique set of skills and expertise that she brings to her work at TNC. 

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