Laine is passionate about promoting community well-being through processes that foster participant empowerment and build agency capacity. Through her over five years of experience working in community settings and her education in the Community Psychology Masters program at Wilfrid Laurier University, she has developed a set of competencies that she brings to her work at TNC. Before starting with TNC, Laine had the pleasure of working with schools to promote and evaluate child and youth mental health; worked in the housing and homelessness sector helping agencies align their approaches with a Housing First model of service delivery; and explored youth leadership to promote grassroots environmental action-taking and build municipal capacity to empower youth as leaders. Through this work, she developed an ethical and reflective practice that she draws on to carry out community-centered research and program development.
Since joining the TNC team, Laine has focused on listening to and engaging TNC’s partners and clients in learning processes and has worked on topics related to housing and homelessness, poverty reduction, mental health promotion and substance use prevention, and a range of leadership and wellness promoting youth programs. She is consistently rewarded through her work with Taylor Newberry Consulting and looks forward to continuing to share the excitement of exploring methods with her colleagues, as well as learning the unique perspectives of TNC’s clients through local and national level projects.
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