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TNC in a Glass

The TNCer Drink graphic

May 20th, 2020 marked TNC’s 10th anniversary. We planned to get together to celebrate then, but of course the world had other plans. So we waited until this year to honour all that we have built since 2010. We brought staff and associates together at 10C on May 24th to play pin the outcome on the logic model (yes, we went there), eat food beautifully prepared by Grassroots, and have meaningful conversations with so many of the people who have made TNC what it is today; to quote Andrew Taylor: a living, breathing thing with a heart.  

In honour of the occasion, my sister Gillian created the TNCer, a drink that reflects what the principal consultants feel make TNC special:

Rhubarb – a vegetable currently in peak growing season and represents Andrew’s love of growing good relationships. 

Strawberries – linked so often with rhubarb that you almost can’t have rhubarb without it! This combo represents Laine’s strong sense of connection she feels to the team (especially during team meetings!) 

Mint – mint flourishes almost anywhere it is planted. It represents one of the things Karla respects about the team – their adaptability. More specifically, Karla loves that the team can so easily adapt because of their strong support and empathy for each other, and their clients.

And last but not least, the fizzing soda bubbles represent how the team members lift each other up. Another amazing quality of this exceptional team!

What do rhubarb, lemon (yes, there’s lemon in here too because what’s TNC without a few surprises!), mint, and strawberry have in common? They are all unique and wonderful flavours on their own, and when they come together they make a pretty fantastic combo. This mix represents one of Jason’s favourite things about TNC – the diverse interests and skills of the team which makes for diverse projects that actually matter.

We are extremely grateful to all of TNC’s staff, associates and clients from over the years. Thank you for being a part of our story. Cheers!


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