Disability Rights

Disability Rights

We are proud to partner with People First of Canada

Capacity Building, Disability Rights

pfc-logoOne of the pleasures of being a small, specialized consulting firm is that we have the privilege of partnering with clients with whom we share important values. It matters to us that we use our expertise to advance those values and support amazing organizations.

I am very proud to announce our partnership with People First of Canada (PFC), the only national self-advocacy group for people with intellectual disabilities in Canada.

This unique group has a long history of advocacy and activism on behalf of folks with intellectual disabilities. They’re present in every Canadian province and territory. They’ve tackled issues like de-institutionalization, employment, independent living and income security. They did a bus tour across the Prairies to raise awareness about institutionalization in Canada, called the Freedom Tour, which turned into an inspiring documentary film. Most recently, they are organizing to raise awareness about the different articles of  the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Read More